Basics of Market Research & Your Business

What skills do market studies analysts want?

Analytical abilties are honestly a massive a part of the profession—it’s even inside the name! And as you might assume, the BLS lists analytical talents in managing huge amounts of statistics because the pinnacle talent maximum experts want in this job.1 But that’s now not all you’ll need to prevail. We’ve requested marketplace research professionals to offer up a few other abilities which can be critical for marketplace studies analysts—and a few may also surprise you!


Market studies analysis isn’t just decoding what consumers are in search of—you need a good way to make inferences and draw conclusions based on client records. Best Market Research Companies The job not handiest is ready reporting the share of folks that reply to a sure characteristic in a product—it’s to better understand and provide an explanation for why.

“We are contemporary-day storytellers,” Zmijewski says. “We take interviews and numbers and translate them into meaningful tips for our customers to act on.”

Being capable of correctly check information and weave together a coherent narrative to potentially give an explanation for the “why?” surrounding it’s far key. Decision-makers regularly depend on an analyst’s ability to interpret and synthesize statistics.

Communication and interpersonal abilties

Catherine Alexis, vice president and director of research at Triad Strategic Services, explains that a success marketplace research specialists are frequently “outgoing folks that like to talk on the telephone, or in some cases, in person.” Comfort in speaking in a diffusion of ways is key.

“You have if you want to make someone want to talk to you,” Alexis says. “Scripts are ok, however the real facts comes whilst you may get the respondent to need to tell you extra.”

Communication is going beyond statistics collection efforts too. Similar to the storytelling skill set, being capable of efficaciously relay information to stakeholders is prime.

Critical questioning

It’s now not like locating a needle in a haystack—at least in that metaphor, you realize what you are alleged to be searching out. Often, market research analysts have to start sifting statistics without knowing precisely what the company wishes them to discover. This approach they want to think seriously about how to make to be had statistics useful.

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