Birthday Wishes

Allow me to wish you a lot more cheerful and brilliant days
I wish to be directed by you in my own particular manners
Will you hold me perpetually and take as far as possible
Many all the best of the day for you to be sent

What a delightful wishes to propose with a certain goal in mind?
Wishing numerous blissful returns of the day
Has it not become standard to wish brilliant sun in overcast climate?
Do we wish it as simple convention or basic need is there?

These were the straightforward inquiries nagging me as a person
I never thought I was assuming questionable part which appeared to be not real
I tracked down persuading reply for celebrity wishes an excellent and real companion
Parcel many great wishes with flower petals to send

What am I and what carries me to you? I asked to companion
“Why it happens to me”if I accept it as obvious?
I generally consider taking your consideration
Regardless of how far and where you are

You were so overall quite kind
I view myself as fortunate to find
You resemble valuable diamond
I wish to remember you with outline

I may not utilize cleaned language
It may not be legitimate or suitable
I will value the long memory of school days
We could have not conveyed along and headed out in different directions

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