Of all of the multi-gear we tried, the Skeletool CX is the only we saved attaining for long after testing concluded, and it’s the one we nevertheless deliver every day, 3 years later. Its knife deploys and locks easily with one hand—without your having to first open up the pliers. And its tremendous, 154CM blade steel holds an part longer than maximum multi-tool blades. Other multi-equipment are so cumbersome that they need to be carried in a belt sheath, but the lighter1, slimmer Skeletool suits without problems in a pocket. It also can clip onto a customized multi tools belt or backpack with both a pocket clip or a carabiner (that may double as an clean-get entry to bottle opener).


The CX’s pliers spread without difficulty, have the precision to tug a small splinter, and are at ease to preserve, thanks to the uneven take care of. This multi-tool’s  Phillips and two flathead screwdrivers capably take care of the maximum not unusual screws. And the Skeletool is subsidized by a 25-year guarantee. But this version is so sturdily built, we’d be surprised if you needed to use the guarantee; different Leathermans we’ve owned and used for over a decade have held up perfectly.


It’s tough to consider some other prep that fits as a whole lot critical capability into as small of a package as a first-rate multitool, which is why it’s one of the four edged gear everybody ought to have. Most of the high-quality multitools in our evaluate preserve among 10 and 18 not unusual gear, assisting you with a wide variety of survival and daily duties along with: cutting packing containers, solving an engine, building a shelter, developing a trap, polishing a knife, sparking a fire from a ferro rod, or getting rid of a hot pot from a campfire.