Fun Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Some fun wedding ideas are to make a glittery exit. You can give each guest a small vial of glitter to keep them occupied during the reception or the wedding breakfast. Include a tag on the lid of the vial indicating what the recipient will do with it. Sprinkles are a fun alternative to rice, which you can serve during the reception. After the ceremony, guests can scoop up the sprinkles and put them in a small bowl to take home as a memory or a bucket list idea.

Creating a wedding time capsule is a great way to remember your big day. The guests can look through photos and write down memories in a treasure chest. Then, they can open the time capsule and discover what they have missed. For non-drinkers, there are many options, including a sparkling lemonade cart or a sorbet cart. For those who want to have fun, you can display infographics about the happy couple to welcome guests. You can place these on the welcome table or on the main table, and invite them to interact with them by adding to the content.

DIY wedding decor is a great way to use your creativity. You can purchase pre-made decorations or create them yourself. You can even make your own paper plates, napkins, and favor boxes. You can also buy supplies and make your own paper products to decorate your wedding. They’re not only fun, but they won’t break the bank. And if you’re a creative type, you can create unique wedding signs, or create them yourself! Depending on your preferences, you can include a personal message if you’d like. You can also DIY lighting and flowers.

A wedding theme can be as simple as a theme that incorporates elements of your personality. You can add fairground icons to the reception for everyone’s enjoyment. For instance, a hook-a-duck is a popular attraction for children at weddings. Another fun idea is to hire a balloon artist for the guests to have a few hours of fun while chatting over a cocktail. For the adults, you can create a dedicated area where guests can apply face paint. Be sure to warn guests to avoid painting their dresses when they are dressed.

If you have a theme party, don’t be afraid to get creative. If you have children, a mobile bar is a great idea. It won’t cause a mess and guests won’t have to wait long for drinks. For the adults, you can hire a balloon artist to make a unique sign. Moreover, you can choose a themed photo booth or DIY your own flowers. If you don’t have time to make decorations, consider hiring a professional for the day.

You can create a fun centrepiece in the form of sheet music. An outdoor wedding with a beach theme requires a small cake that can be enjoyed by both the bride and groom. You can create an abstract design using florals or metallics. You can also use different styles of furniture. If you have a budget, you can use antique pieces. A rustic style is the best choice for a modern style of wedding. You can even get a vintage dress at a yard sale.

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