The raised clubface     golf swing training aid    introduces an interesting element on your practice. To strike the face, and get the ball airborne, your arms should be forward of the clubhead at impact, which is required for exceptional iron putting.


The raised face also encourages you to create a descending strike through impact. If you fail to do this, the ball will shoot throughout the floor.


The Tour Striker affords wonderful remarks and a fun way to practice. Before you buy, be clear on what you need to exchange to your swing to enhance your strike – is it your hand role, weight transfer or frame rotation… This small piece of information will virtually assist you’re making notable development together with your iron placing.


Many amateurs who’re looking to improve their strike struggle with a susceptible left-hand grip. If you have a susceptible grip and try to create a excursion-like effect role, you’ll lose your shots a long way proper – so fix your grip first.


If you’ve checked off these points and want to improve your putting, then cross ahead and buy the Tour Striker, it’s going to simply speed up your development.


I would endorse the 7-iron version for most. If you’re a unmarried figure golfer and need a challenge there is additionally an x-pro version. These days Tour Strikers are offered direct through their sites in the US and the United Kingdom so take a look at out the links beneath to seize yours.


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