The Basics of Drywall Installation

First, measure the area that you want to cover with drywall. Mark the center of each joist or other framing component using a square. Use your knee to snap the drywall onto the edge of the board. You should now tape the entire wall. The next step is to apply a layer of compound to the joints. Then, apply another layer of compound on top of the tape. When you are finished, you can attach baseboards and finish the room with a new paint job.

Make sure to cover all electrical wires with nails. Place wires behind receptacles, switch boxes, and ceiling fixture boxes. Ensure that the studs are not covered. If you must, use a metal shield to protect the wiring. Always use a drywall putty knife to set any rogue fasteners. Be careful not to hammer the screwhead into the wall as it can break the screw or cause a nail pop.

Start by measuring the width of the wall. Cut the drywall sheet to a quarter-inch smaller than the width. Hold the drywall in place using a lift, making sure that it is tightly against the ceiling. Score lines with a drywall square to make sure it is level. Now you can begin to finish the project! While the process of hanging a gypsum board can be daunting, it is possible to accomplish the job yourself.

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