What is spiritual self

This awkwardness was supposed to happen at the surmised point of European colonization – in 1492, with the appearance of Extreme Eagle individuals from Europe. This appearance would (and drove) the Spirit of the Condor into stowing away, profound into the wildernesses of the South. For sure, this period denoted the start of another rule over North and South American mainlands. Predominance over land and assets, bondage and Backpacking destruction, ravenousness and industrialization changed the cutting edge Americas into its present-day structure. The Extreme Eagle Mind has come to lead the world, with disastrous ramifications for all life on Earth.

500 (500) years have passed since the appearance of The Eagle – denoting the finish of its rule, flagging the start of another stage, and the chance for The Condor to rise once more. It is forecasted that this fresh start wouldn’t be in counter – not in vengeance, but rather connote the approaching together of The Eagle and The Condor into amicability, to fly together under similar skies. This concordance likewise gives an open door to a blend of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, a chance for a totally new sort of individuals who embrace both the Heart and the Mind. It comprises an opportunity for the People of the North and the People of the South to combine and imagine another way, another degree of cognizance which can all the while honor the Earth and human advancement.

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